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Orange Sunday :-) Soo sleepy. Goodnight! Ü #ewic

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Darlene Belle | 20 | Philippines

Black hair with brown eyes. Fair skin. Free thinker and dreamer. Imaginative. Sweet. Likes to read and go on adventures with my imagination. I am patient towards others but is not afraid to speak my mind.

I work as a pastry chef in this one resort/hotel. Friendly. Loves to bake and write random things. Is hardly ever noticed and thinks that everyone is breaking her heart. Admires a lot of guys. Looking for one person who'll fix her broken heart. Loves turtles and the sea. Believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Wonders why people are sometimes messy. Totally can't get the point of people being so anti-something and not minding their own business. Hates being compared. Jetski makes me high. Doesn't like to be alone. Never regrets anything because at one point that was exactly what I wanted. Loves her friends, family and all the beautiful things in life. Sometimes seek for attention. Adventure is one of the wonderful things in my life. Aggressively crazy. Nature lover. Mood swings. The Beach. Arts. Food. Tennis player. Diving. Wakeboarding. Bookworm. Music lover but doesn't listen to a specific genre of songs.

Is totally random.

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