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Faith ♥

Here you go! After watching Captain America, Chris Evans made me starstruck.

The whole lot of the movie was awesome :-*
Hoping to meet Chris in the nearest future possible ;-)

Keep dreaming!

2 thumbs for this movie :-)
Can’t wait for the next one! √√

An angel in disguise :>

Joshua Ryan Hutcherson is one of the most talented actors in this generation.

In this picture, I can say that he is a distinguished-looking gentleman with a kempt smile and an old-world manner.

I feel like flying! √


  • "Poached." This is an egg cracked open and gently boiled out of the shell until the whites have congealed but the yolk is still runny. Poached eggs are great with potatoes, toast, or corned beef hash due to the great amount of runny yolk left for spreading or dipping. Most restaurants advertising eggs “any style” will poach eggs but some prefer not to outside of breakfast hours, since it involves boiling at least a small saucepan of water.At home, you can give it different flavors by poaching it in juice, wine or broth. 
  • "Scotch Egg." A Hard-Boiled egg that has been wrapped in Cumberland sausage and rolled in bread crumbs. Sometimes a soft-boiled egg is used. 
  • "Hard boiled." Everyone knows what a hard boiled egg is: an egg boiled in its shell for 13-15 minutes until the whites are firm and the yolk is solid.
  • "Soft boiled." An egg boiled inside its shell, just like a Hard boiled egg,  until the whites have set and the yolk has very slightly thickened. This is the “three minute egg” that gave us the three minute “egg timer”. PROTIP: It will continue to cook from residual heat within the egg, after you take it out of the water - run the egg (still in the shell) under some cold water immediately to stop the cooking process.
  • "Scrambled." This is the other one everyone knows: the egg white and yolk are mixed together, sometimes thinned out with milk, cream, or water, and fried.
  • "Fried" or "Over hard and break ‘em." Just ordering a “fried” egg gets an egg fully fried on both sides, slightly browned, with a broken yolk. They are good on sandwiches but leave no yolk to spread on potatoes or toast. All following eggs are considered to be variations of ‘Fried’
  • "Over easy." What is usually thought of as a fried egg: pan fried on one side until cooked about halfway through, then flipped over and fried on the other side until the white has set. The edges can be a bit crispy but the yolk is still runny, albeit not so much as a properly done poached egg.
  • "Over medium." Like an over easy egg, but cooked a bit more on the second side. The yolk will be somewhat thick or sticky, but not hard.
  • "Over well" or "Over hard." An egg fried on one side as for “over easy”, then cooked on the other side until the yolk has completely set. Some cooks will break the yolk.
  • "Sunny side up." The egg is fried on one side and not flipped. Sometimes a bit of frying fat is spooned over the top to set the white, or some water is tossed into the pan and a lid placed over the egg. Both of these methods are called "Basted", but this isn’t universally understood if requested and often done by default anyway. Some cooks will leave the white on the top is left unset and sticky.

The watch.

Darlene Belle | 19 | Philippines

Black hair with brown eyes. Fair skin. Free thinker and dreamer. Imaginative. Sweet. Likes to read and go on adventures with my imagination. I am patient towards others but is not afraid to speak my mind.

I work as a pastry chef in this one resort/hotel. Known as the youngest employee in the company. Friendly. Loves to bake and write about random things. Is hardly ever noticed and thinks that everyone is breaking her heart. Admires a lot of guys but is still waiting (and forever will be) for that one person who taught her and made her understand what love is. Hates being compared. Never regrets anything because at one point that was exactly what I wanted. Loves her friends, family and all the beautiful things in life. Nature lover. Mood swings. The Beach. Tennis player. Diving. Bookworm. Doesn't listen to a specific genre of songs.

Is totally random.

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