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La Bella♥

Hello, @damnwhosdatchick! Look what I found! 👌 This was way back Sept 2005. 9 years and I still have it! Miss youuu! 💛

With Papi Chulo. Huhu we’re gonna miss you Papi!! :( 👪 #family #papichulo #daddykins #foreverfam #fambam

Tres Marias 💕 #btc #chill #jafars #shawarma

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😳 I don’t knw what th fudge Bianca did to me! It looks weird and funny and really really weird. 🍗 #edits #photoedits #camera365 #weird #funny #makeup #boredom #wednesday #btc #jafars #shawarma #nightout #funnnn

"Don’t expect anyone to understand your journey, especially if they haven’t walked your path."

Unknown   (via fashionclass-y)


More Facts on Psychofacts :)


Happy Birthday Patrick the Wombat!

Patrick, the world’s oldest living Wombat, turned 29 today. Patrick lives at the Ballarat Wildlife Park, not far out of Melbourne, if anyone wants to go see him.

Someone should go on a day trip with me.

Darlene Belle | 20 | Philippines

Black hair with brown eyes. Fair skin. Free thinker and dreamer. Imaginative. Sweet. Likes to read and go on adventures with my imagination. I am patient towards others but is not afraid to speak my mind.

I work as a pastry chef in this one resort/hotel. Known as the youngest employee in the company. Friendly. Loves to bake and write about random things. Is hardly ever noticed and thinks that everyone is breaking her heart. Admires a lot of guys but is still waiting (and forever will be) for that one person who taught her and made her understand what love is. Hates being compared. Never regrets anything because at one point that was exactly what I wanted. Loves her friends, family and all the beautiful things in life. Nature lover. Mood swings. The Beach. Tennis player. Diving. Wakeboarding. Bookworm. Doesn't listen to a specific genre of songs.

Is totally random.

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